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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

  1. Are you a registered company and where is your company located?
  2. How do you ship your products?
  3. Do you deliver worldwide?
  4. Do we need to pay for the customs?
  5. Can I get a discount for a bulk order?
  6. Can I return products?
  7. Can I get a refund?
  8. Is there any warranty for the products?
  9. I want to pay with a credit card directly, I don't want to use PayPal, how can I pay you directly?
  • Yes, we are, our company is located in the United Kingdom.

  • We ship our products with DHL.
  • Yes, we do deliver WorldWide.
  • Everything is included in the price.
  • Yes, of course, please contact us about this.
  • Yes, please read a "Refund Policy".
  • Yes, please read a "Refund Policy".
  • Yes, there is a 6-month warranty on all mining equipment. 
  • Please contact us on our live chat about this, and we'll help you pay with your credit card.
Cryptocurrency Prices by Coinlib